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COVID-19 Potential Exposure Reporting Procedure

In an effort to streamline the reporting process for potential or suspected exposure to COVID-19, GMR Medicine and GMR Clinical Informatics have developed an online screening tool. 

Via the Global Medical Response website at:
or at this QR code:

WHEN to use the tool:

  • Known exposure to COVID-19 plus... 

  • Symptomatic employee (defined as new shortness of breath at rest or productive cough with fever)

  • Directed to call by local operations leader

When NOT to use the tool:

  • Equipment decontamination procedures – consult local operations

  • ‚ÄčTransport issues – consult local medical direction

  • Medical care – contact primary care physician or Teladoc if available through your benefits package

To complete the screening, you will be asked a series of Yes/No questions that will derive a risk level and summary of follow up instructions. You will also receive an email, please forward this to your immediate supervisor. You may use the online tool as often or as many times as you feel necessary following the instructions above.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact your clinical leadership or the Nurse Navigation Line 855.361.1996.

Please remember to use appropriate and effective PPE and wash your hands!


The GMR Medicine and Clinical Informatics Teams

Message distributed to all GMR employees